Vaccines and Vaccination

The chemicals commonly used in the manufacture of vaccines include:

  • The liquid solvent (a suspending fluid) such as sterile water, saline, or fluids containing protein
  • Preservatives and stabilizers, such as albumin, phenols and glycine
  • Other additions (enhancers) to improve the performance of the vaccine

Some vaccines also contain very little material pengkulturan such as chicken egg protein. These proteins are used in a vaccine to help the growth of bacteria or viruses that have been weakened which will trigger the production of antibodies. Read: Immunization in Infants

The chemicals used in the manufacture of vaccines are usually very few and experts use it to maintain the quality of the vaccine itself.
Common elements Contained in Vaccines


Aluminum is usually a gel or a salt whose function is to assist the vaccine in stimulating antibody formation.


Antibiotics are sometimes added also to the specific vaccine to prevent bacterial growth during vaccine production and storage. But usually the vaccine does not contain penicillin.

Egg Protein

Vaccines that use this protein is an influenza vaccine and yellow fever. The vaccine is safe for use by anyone who does not have a prohibition against the egg.


Usually used for vaccines using bacterial toxins to trigger immunity. Formaldehyde is also used to kill various viruses and harmful bacteria that can contaminate the process of making vaccines. Later, before bvksin packaged for distribution, formaldehyde will be disposed of first.

Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)

MSG 2 and phenoxy ethanol is used as a counterweight to some vaccines, so the quality of vaccines is not impaired when exposed to heat, moisture, and so on.


Is a mercury-containing preservative used in vaccines are packaged with a small bottle to use more than one dose. Vaccines of this type of concern can be contaminated with dangerous bacteria, because after use will be saved for use again in the next immunization. To prevent attacks bacteria, commonly used Thimerosal.