Infant Immunization

Many studies have shown that the bodies of children - including infants - may receive multiple injections at once. So, receiving several vaccinations at the same time is safe for your baby. Vaccine combination (combo vaccine) can help protect your child from some kind of disease with a single injection.

Babies do get a kind of immunity (protection) while from his mother during the first few weeks of pregnancy, but hany against strains of the disease where the mother is also immune to it. These antibodies usually do not last long, so the infant becomes susceptible to disease.

With the immunization program, it does look a lot of diseases that were once mostly found, is rarely arise in the midst of society. However, the experts concluded, if the immunization program is stopped, or reduced in intensity, the fear is that the reemergence of these diseases as plague.

Various studies have been conducted have come to the conclusion that there was no association between immunization / vaccination with autism.

Although it could be, but experts suggest that soon, when the child was a baby. Thus, the child since the baby will be protected from dangerous diseases. They always say, "Better than scheduled to catch up!"

Smallpox vaccine is also required. Smallpox could be a dangerous disease for children if the blister is infected. Better to just in case.

If the baby is sick, consult with your doctor, but in general, does not matter if immunization performed in children who are sick mild as a runny nose, mild fever, or diarrhea.