Birth of Healthy Babies

Often the newly born baby's head-shaped oval, not round. His skin may also be wrinkled and reddish colored. All of these conditions is not something you should worry about.

In the center of the head of your new baby born there is usually called a "Soft Spot" or areas where the soft skull bones have not come together perfectly.

Precisely the situation is very beneficial to the baby's head can be flexible during the birthing process.

Your baby's skull bones will grow along with the growth of the baby so that later the software will be covered. In addition, the presence of this soft area, your baby's brain can grow well.

Your baby may also have dark red spots around his eyes. Sometimes these spots can also be found on the bridge of his nose and behind the neck. Until now there is no one knows what causes it. But usually these spots will disappear within a year first.

Some babies are born bald, some have the hair thin and others are born with thick, black hair. For some babies, this inborn hair will be lost or fall out just like that and some other baby's hair color changes.

Your baby's eye color can change you know after the birth! If you want to make sure your baby's eye color, yes you should patiently wait until he was around a year .. after this is usually nothing will change again.

The rope hanging from the umbilical cord will fall off the baby usually within 5-10 days.

Sometimes baby girls bleed on his cock. Sometimes baby-both male and female alike-are born with rather large breasts or bulging. In fact there are up to your milk, but they just born!

This is caused by the hormones of the mother. This condition is not dangerous why and will soon disappear ... take it easy!